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​​What folks are saying: 

PS says:  "She is very good at what she does!"

WH says:  "Wanda was incredibly friendly and very open to sharing information about polarity and reflexology. I left incredibly relaxed and very much more balanced overall. A very pleasant experience."

KP says:  "I had a wonderful experience and fell great after my treatment!"

MT says:  "She did a great job.  I love how she explained what the different aspects meant."

WO says:  "She is very well versed in the natural healing methods she employs. Ask a lot of the right questions so she can target her therapy to the right spots. I'm more than satisfied."

PV says:  Finally Got Sleep!

"Very professional atmosphere! Very healing! I had suffered with insomnia for years and it has taken its toll out on me. I've been dealing with a number of other health issues because of not sleeping, but after that first session, I slept the entire night. It was wonderful. I continue to go and have received 3 sessions so far. I am sleeping better, so much better. My mood has improved, I have lots of energy and the brain fog is gone!"

LS says:  "This is such a healing place! A friend recommended Wanda because she knew I was looking for something more natural. I wasn't disappointed, Wanda packs a lot into that one hour session. I came in with pain and between the essential oils, the tuning forks and the polarity bodywork, it left me. So grateful! I will be back...oh I have been back and it's great!"

​Some client experiences:  

Bobbi came to me with a serious health issue.  My role was to help her reduce stress but as a sidebar, she also presented with the inability to move her thumb without pain. She enjoyed crocheting but had been unable to crochet because the movements were very painful.  The doctors had told her that it would get worse and she would need surgery.  But after a few sessions, her thumb no longer hurt.  I showed her husband a little technique to do for her and soon she was back to crocheting.  As a matter of fact, for Christmas, she made over a dozen scarves as presents for family and friends.  (I got one, too!). She is still going strong and is knitting as well!  The other issue with her health has improved.

Ernie says that his endurance and stamina were greatly improved since having regular polarity sessions.  He was a very active person and enjoyed working out at the gym, martial arts and working in his yard. Diagnosed with a progressive respiratory disorder in 2012, he was put on oxygen 24/7.   Through a comprehensive program that included regular bodywork, polarity exercise, detoxification and a polarity building diet, he has been able to regain strength and vitality to the point that he is exercising at the gym again with oxygen supplementation.  He continues to improve and gain vitality although he may never regain what was lost.  With his improved and improving vitality, he maintains a regular schedule of travel in his work and a rigorous personal schedule.  

Judy came to see me with back issues.  She was heading out West to stay with daughter and grandchildren.  A few days after the second session she took a 5 hour plane trip and according to her husband, happily survived that with minimal pain and spent several wonderful weeks with her grandchildren.     

I saw Sally at a rehab center.  She had had knee replacement surgery and was mending.  Having Polarity sessions while rehabilitating meant for her less pain medication and healing well ahead of what the doctor had anticipated.  

Cheryl was on her way to St. Martins but was having issues walking.  Her trip to the emergency room only made her mobility worse.  She came to see me on Friday and the issue was resolved but only temporarily.  Wednesday of the following week, she found again that she had limited mobility and was afraid she would have to cancel her trip.  She was leaving on Saturday.  I told her to come in again and we would see what we could do.  She left for St. Martins as planned and reported that she had a great time and did not have a reoccurrence during her entire trip.