Thank you for your interest in receiving wellness services from Polarity Therapy & Holistic Healthcare, LLC.  Your Practitioner, Wanda Evans, is a pastoral health and wellness provider, licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) to provide natural therapies to her clients.   She is required to have on file for each client an acceptance of the Agreement for Services which provides clear and specific terms as to the relationship of Pastoral Health and Wellness Providers and their Clients.  

Please sign the online Agreement for Wellness Services prior to your appointment.  It is quite lengthy and will take some time to read but is an important element in receiving services.  When  you complete the form online, we both will receive an email attesting to the electronic signature.  You may also wait and sign it at the office, a clipboard will be in the waiting room and I will enter it on the computer prior to the session.   Please allow a few additional minutes for this to occur. 

 Agreement for Wellness Services  

Practitioner Information

Wanda M Evans
PMA License:  L2207130
wme @ polarityhhc.com
2572 Oakstone Drive
Westerville, OH  43231



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Polarity Therapy &

Holistic Healthcare, LLC

2572 Oakstone Drive

Westerville, Ohio  43231