Q:  What is polarity therapy?

                                                         A:  Polarity Therapy is a wonderful and comprehensive system of natural

                                                         healthcare based on energy movement.  It is based on the vital energy or

                                                         life force which has been called "prana" in Ayurveda and "chi" or "qi" in

                                                         Oriental Medicine. The life force energy when it is properly distributed

                                                         throughout the body manifests as health and harmony.  When deficient or

                                                         unbalanced, illness and disease follow.  Polarity is a way of working with the

                                                         fundamental energies of life (ether, air, fire, water and earth) and bringing them

                                                         to a state of balance by removing impediments to their free flow.  It is about 

                                                         releasing and balancing the flow through  natural methods of touch, bodywork, 

                                                         sound, exercise, dietary or nutritional changes, thought and attitude,  Polarity 

Therapists study energy theory and principles, orthodox and energetic anatomy, health building concepts of polarity yoga, herbs, cleansing and building diets, sound therapy, and bodywork techniques. This polarity therapist has also completed a two year program in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, and received training in herbalism, homeopathy, electrotherapy, iridology & pastoral counseling and holds a Bachelors in Natural Health.

Q:  What type of evaluation or assessment do you do?   

A:  Here at Polarity Therapy and Holistic Healthcare, we are concerned with getting to the core of health challenges by determining why the problems exist and we have several tools and techniques to help assess your health.  The first is a Natural Health Survey which asks questions that will give information about your physical health, your diet and eating practices, your environment and a simple nutritional profile.  The second is an electronic device that uses a hand-held sensor to read the energetic signatures of different systems in the body and report back excesses and deficiencies in function, toxic metals, vitamins and trace elements.  The third is the personal intake where we go over your disclosed health history, take vital statistics and administer short tests to analyze hidden health concerns and rule out catastrophic illness.  You will be given a report of findings which will serve as a roadmap for us to follow as you begin your Polarity Path to Wellness.

​Please keep in mind, we do not diagnose illness nor do we diagnose or treat disease.   

Q:  How long is a session?

A:  The initial intake will last between 90 minutes to 2 hours depending whether there is a bodywork component (there is an additional charge for a 2 hour appointment), but sessions after that are scheduled for a 60 minute time frame or as needed by the client and generally consist of short catchup, remineralization foot bath and bodywork.   We may do some polarity gym/yoga exercises in lieu of the foot bath or talk herbs & cleansing/building diet.   I want to make the hour you have with me as useful to you as possible.  If you opt
for the Polarity Path to Wellness Program, the amount of time needed will be adjusted and associated costs per session will vary. 

Q:  Do you offer any discounted services?

A:  Yes, you can purchase sessions in bundles which will reduce the cost of your sessions. 

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Q:  How long will it take before I see results?

A:  That question does not have a pat answer. The body responds to energy in a profound and individual way and can go through several layers of healing.  Generally clients report immediate results in pain alleviation after one session, however, until the energy is sufficiently resourced the pain may return after a few days.  A minimum of 5 sessions is recommended, but those with chronic or long standing issues may need 10 or more.  Generally clients feel calmer, happier and achieve better sleeping patterns after that first session, which is very encouraging. The addition of a more natural diet, teas and supplements and the reduction in stress & pain you'll see from the bodywork will help facilitate well being.   

Q: But am I going to be dependent on bodywork or supplements?

A:  Not at all, however, just as a car must be serviced regularly to keep it running smoothly, regularly scheduled monthly or weekly bodywork sessions can help you maintain optimal well-being.  Supplements can give the body additional support and have their place in daily practice.  But we will talk about them as we go along, because not all supplements are the same.  

Q: Is polarity bodywork the only therapy you use? 

A: No, polarity therapy also encompasses exercise, diet and self evaluation, so in addition to the bodywork I may teach you simple energy exercises that will help you return to the balanced state you achieved during the session or just bring you to balance when you aren't. Depending on your goals, I may spend time teaching you about the energetic properties of food and how to modify your diet to use those properties to balance your energy.  Since I am an advocate for journaling, I would encourage you to record your thoughts and feelings from the sessions and also from your life experiences to understand your progress.  Polarity Therapy is process oriented and you should feel good as you make gains in your health.  

Q: Is there handicapped parking?

A: Unfortunately, no. However, arrangements can be made in advance for assistance to and from your car.  (I will come out and help you, just call from the car).

Q:  Do you do home visits?

A.  Yes.

Q:  Do you take insurance?

A.  No.  I do provide a receipt for the services that you can use if your insurance company will reimburse you for alternative or complimentary care or if you doctor has referred you and it is covered. 

Q:   What are your services?  

A.  You can purchase an hour session and request only bodywork:  polarity, craniosacral, reiki, reflexology, chakra balance, tuning forks, aromatherapy, etc.  The full Polarity Path to Wellness is also available and is a program that includes more education and learning about energy, the use of homeotherapeutics, herbal teas, supplements, polarity yoga and so much more.

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