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This short video excerpt has Dr. James Oschman, PhD, explaining the future of medicine whereby doctors who have an understanding and appreciation for energetic therapies will recommend them to their patients.


I like Roger Gilchrist''s video about the history of Polarity Therapy and hope you will too.  Roger is the owner of the Wellness Institute, a school that teaches Polarity Therapy and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in New York.   

This is a nice introductory video of Polarity Therapy, courtesy of John Chitty from the Colorada School of Energy Studies.  He introduces the elements and principles of energy movement in an easy to understand way. 


This is a great video that explains the elements and gives you a little idea of what a bodywork session would be like.  Mary Jo Ruggieri is the Director, Founder of the Institute of Holistic Health Careers.