I looked all over for a picture of a vintage 1960s cosmetic travel bag.  This is close to what I was

looking for. I just wanted to illustrate the size suitcase of vitamins and supplements my aunt had 

back in the 60s.  It looked bigger when I was younger. She took a lot of vitamins.  She had Graves

Disease.  It’s a thyroid disorder that causes you to have bulging eyes ~ some of you probably

remember Marty Feldman, he was an actor and starred in "Young Frankenstein," he had Graves

Disease, too.

​We all thought Aunt Bertha was a little weird, but in retrospect, I think she was ahead of her time.

One day, she took me aside.  She told me she had cured her thyroid disorder.  She told me the doctors had killed it with some kind of radioactive dye, but she was taking back her health.  She told me what she did … she told me why she did it … it made sense…  Her eyes did not look so big anymore, but they never went back to their true normal size.

Her quest for health had a profound effect on me.  Her experience continues to remind me that health is never lost and can be restored if given what it needs to repair.  For several years, I had an enlarged thyroid and they would check me every year to make sure that I was doing well since I could have been at risk for Graves Disease as my aunt was, and my reports were always low normal.  The last time I went to an endocrinologist, he felt my throat, had me swallow some water, read my lab report and announced, "Well, there's nothing I can do for you yet."

“Nothing I can do for you yet…”  Hmmm, what was he waiting on?  When I asked him what I could do, he said "nothing."  He said my goiter could get larger, or stay the same, but there wasn't anything I could do since I now had one.  He told me that I wasn't in the range for needing medication, but as soon as I was, then he could prescribe something for me.  That's when I realized that doctors know an awful lot about medications and can help you become life long drug customers, but they don't know a lot about health and do not know how to help you achieve it.  I did not want to be a life long customer of a drug company and it was up to me to make sure I did not become one. I thought of my aunt and remembered what she said and in less than one year's time, I brought my TSH levels back to the normal range and my goiter shrank.  

I found Polarity Therapy in 2005.  It excited me so much because of what I felt after one session. There was an incredible sense of relaxation, but there was something more that kind of lingered with me and left me wondering.  I went from that session immediately to the library and borrowed two books which I devoured over the weekend, "Molecules of Emotion" by Candace Pert and "Vibrational Medicine" by Richard Gerber.  Not little books, but I was fascinated about this new find ~ energy healing and I couldn't put them down.  After I was certain that this was not something hokey, that there was scientific evidence that energy and vibrational therapies held validity and a place in healing, I enrolled in the courses for Polarity Therapy and put my heart and soul into learning theory, techniques and application.

Needless to say, I got stoked when I worked on my practice people and they got results.  Recurring headaches, arthritis, sciatic, general pain and other symptoms of disease either minimized or disappeared, just through application of energy principles in bodywork.  It was truly amazing and I am still amazed with the wonderful healing and restorations back to health my clients experience with me now.  I fully embraced the concept of a human energy field and touch as a mode for bringing about healing, but I also learned and experienced so much more. I guess my appetite for learning is insatiable because I went on to study Reiki healing and embarked on a two year program to learn Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.  I also received a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Health and earned certificates in Healing Touch, Iridology, and Herbalism.  I continue to learn, study and read and explore all things natural and energetic and I have set my practice up around the principles I learn.  I love what I do and I love what happens with folks who trust the process and embark on what I call the Polarity Path to Wellness.

I look back on my aunt’s suitcase of vitamins and I have a greater respect for what she did back then because I understand now.  She just wanted to feel good.  For her that stash of vitamins was a lifeline and I have to admit, she stayed active and energetic until her death.  Dr. Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy says, “Each person should take enough time and interest to study his problem so that he or she can live intelligently and assist nature in tuning the body and mind into its abounding rhythm and beauty."  She certainly did that. He also says, "Those who are destined to look for true health will find it.”  And she truly did that too! ​

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