In addition, our clients report:  relief of symptoms from depression, anxiety, migraine headaches, joint pain, back pain, knee & ankle pain, digestive disorders (constipation, IBS), increased energy and reduction of symptoms in MS and CFS, reduction in stress and reported increase in job performance, increased physical performance, increased immunity (reduction in incidents of bronchitis, colds, flu), reduction in swelling and water retention, less medication during recovery from surgery, reduced pain and side effects from chemotherapy, better sleep

Reduce Stress, Balance Energy with Simple Stretches & Polarity Yoga

  • Fewer symptoms of stress and pain
  • Less reactivity and volatility
  • Less susceptibity to negative environmental inlfuences
  • Resolution of old traumas and injuries
  • Greater sense of mental, emotional and spiritual well being
  • Enhanced immune system

Honorable Mentions . . .

Explore the Energetics of Foods

“Polarity Therapy can be a way of understanding, from an energy point of view, what we generally think of as dis-ease.  It is really the blocks and disruptive imbalances to the free flow of energy in the system that is the underlying cause of dis-ease.  By understanding the five elements, Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth and their respective Chakras or centers of manifestation, we get a clearer understanding of the causes of the potential imbalances and blocks.  By understanding the Energy of the Elements (how each Element organizes and expresses itself) as they manifest at different levels of frequency or vibrations, namely mentally, emotionally and physically, we can understand the nature of our imbalances and work to overcome the tendency for these imbalances to become our chronic conditions.”  
~ Dr. Randolph Stone, founder, Polarity Therapy

Experience Energizing Bodywork

Dr. Randolph Stone developed Polarity Therapy over a 60 year period with the hope of it becoming an additional means for medical doctors to bring relief to their patients.  However, it did not  fit into the prevailing thought that the body was a machine and that each part required specialized care.   Instead it looked at the body as an energy field and the free flow of energy within that field as being the basis of health. Each aspect of Polarity Therapy seeks to bring energetic balance back to the body.  The thought is that pain is a manifestation of blocked or stagnant energy in the body.   The bodywork performed by a polarity practitioner seeks to release that blockage and increase the flow of energy throughout the body for a reduction in pain. Simple stretches and a series of squats developed by Dr. Stone and others are self help strategies that the client can master and use to balance and calm the body, mind and soul.  Herbal teas and cleansing practices help to relax, strengthen and tone an overtaxed system and positive self talk and body awareness lead to an improved sense of well-being.  Practitioners help educate their clients for self empowerment in the area of health and wellness.  Polarity Therapy does not treat or cure disease but it has its place  as a practice that will balance and energize, improve flexibility and reduce symptoms of stress and pain.  

Reduce Stress and Balance Energy with Simple Stretches & Polarity Yoga

Move Energy . . . Bring Relief . . . Practice self care

Good Things Happen With Polarity THERAPY . . . 

Polarity Therapy & Holistic Healthcare, LLC

  • ​​​Renewed vitality and energy
  • Reduced anxiety and fatigue
  • Improved flexibility and range of motion
  • Increased sense of relaxation
  • Increased positive outlook and sense of well being
  • Increased sense of physical comfort in the body
  • Increased speed of healing
  • Increased ability to fend off illness and disease. 
  • Increased sense of mental clarity & inner peace
  • Increased sense of compassion and connection to other people

​Explore the Energetics of Foods

Detox Simply & effectively

LS says:  "This is such a healing place! A friend recommended Wanda because she knew I was looking for something more natural. I wasn't disappointed, Wanda packs a lot into that one hour session. I went in with pain and came out a new woman!  So grateful! I will be back...oh I have been back and it's great!"  

PV says:  Finally Got Sleep!
"Very professional atmosphere! Very healing! I had suffered with insomnia for years and it has taken its toll out on me. I've been dealing with a number of other health issues because of not sleeping, but after that first session, I slept the entire night. It was wonderful. I continue to go and have received 3 sessions so far. I am sleeping better, so much better. My mood has improved, I have lots of energy and the brain fog is gone!"

WO says:  "She is very well versed in the natural healing methods she employs. Ask a lot of the right questions so she can target her therapy to the right spots. I'm more than satisfied."

Notice:  As you seek energetic balancing therapies from this office, keep in mind that your doctor is the first line of communication and knowledge concerning any medical condition.  Polarity Practitioners do not diagnose, treat or cure disease.  If you are in need of medical advice, please consult a medical doctor.  


​What People Say . . . 

Detox Simply and Effectively

Chronic Conditions