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The Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer is a very simple, fast and accurate tool used to determine the health status of the major body systems, organs and glands.  It has an accuracy rate of over 85% and is used by many healthcare professionals world wide.  The QRMA is not a diagnostic tool instead it highlights those parts of the body which may not be functioning optimally.  By simply holding a sensor in the palm of the hand the QRMA analyses the different electromagnetic wave lengths or frequencies emitted by the body.  These frequencies are different in each part of the body and for different health conditions. When any sub-health or disease condition is present, the emitted electromagnetic signals will read outside generally accepted parameters.  Over 30 main functions are examined including lung and respiratory tract, cardiovascular, urinary, stomach and intestines, liver and gallbladder, gynecology, prostate, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.  

Early identification of any sub-health condition can significantly reduce and prevent various complications.  The principle of our health screening is to identify the weak areas of a person's health and support them through energy based concepts of diet, exercise, and bodywork and when necessary supplementation.  (Nutritional supplements as well as homeotherapeutic (energy) supplements). You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the findings, which will also include information on polarity trends and relationships.  


Enhancements & Detoxification:

Comprehensive Health Analysis

Vitatron Remineralizing Foot Bath/Cell Salt Therapy:    Absorption of nutrients is key to good health, yet many us have faulty digestive systems that do not allow for proper absorption or assimilation of nutrients.  Electronutrition, a termed coined by Dr. Charles McWilliams, a world renowned naturopath and inventor of the Vitatron Foot and Hand Bath System, is a relatively simple, revolutionary modality that delivers nutrition transdermally through electrophoresis and electroosmosis directly to the cells bypassing that faulty system.  Its purpose is to quickly remineralize the body to augment normal metabolism.  Remineralization is achieved through the use of Dead Sea Salts, Fulvic minerals, homeotherapeutic drops and other nutrients.  The client places their feet in warm water and gentle pulsed frequencies create ions which are repelled and attracted according to their polarity just as a magnet attracts or repels like and unlike poles.  Your body is simultaneously detoxifying while it is remineralizing.  This therapy can be validated through a simple taste test administered prior to and after the session.  Recommendation is 2 - 3  times a week for 4 - 6 weeks. 

The Ionic Foot and Hand Bath System  should not  be used by individuals who are epileptic or hemophiliac, or those with a pacemaker, implanted organs or on blood thinners. It should also not be used by children under the age of 4 or during pregnancy or lactation.  

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