Now that you are experiencing better balance in your life through polarity therapy, you may be looking forward to new and exciting things.  Maybe you would like to continue changing your life, making sure you get better nutrition and moving towards greater physical health and wellness.  Perhaps you are looking for alternatives to harmful products that are toxic to your home, your health and the environment or you are looking for a way to better your finances so that you can live life on your own terms.    


Have you thought of helping others with their health and wellness?  My polarity business is successful because of your referrals and I thank you, but other than the $10 discount I give when you refer a paying client, I am unable to continue paying residuals every time your friend comes to see me.  But wouldn't that be awesome if someone did pay you a referral bonus every time someone you referred to them shopped or paid for their services?  



Well, welcome to my other world and just so you know, I am always looking for people to share this information with:  my clients, my friends, my family, people I don’t know but who have common values of integrity, hard work and perseverance.  I am looking for you and hoping to share a way for you to make a second income or develop a new retirement strategy.   Can you give me about 45 minutes to an hour?  I won't waste your time or sell you anything.    

If you are even a little curious, click on the button, submit your information and I will be getting in touch with you.  This is my Plan B, will it be yours?


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